How your phone can make you into the greatest artist ever

You are now a few taps away from making your own art masterpiece. Whether you want it in illustration, comic, abstract or even in anime style, you can transform any photo from your phone into a brilliant piece of artwork. Prisma is an app by Prisma labs Inc. that lets you become the Van Gogh, DaVinci, and the Picasso all with a tap.

It’s like commissioning the greatest artists ever without spending any money or giving any time!

Image edited using the Prisma App.
Transform your photos into striking works of art.

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Instagram PRO secrets: No need for Photoshop

Instagram went through a major change this year. It got a complete brand makeover that left many people hating the new look. Previously, it had a vintage Polaroid camera inspired logo, and now it has changed to a vivid minimal logo. In my opinion, this change was necessary for its ever-changing prospects in digital imaging. Instagram is not just about creating nostalgic filmcamera-esque images anymore. It’s evolved into a sophisticated photo editing and sharing tool that’s not only simple, but easy to use.



Now, aside from the ever-popular filters, you can also edit your image precisely on your phone like you would in Photoshop or Lightroom. It truly makes the perfect combo for the lazy photographer: instant access to editing tools with the opportunity to showcase work instantly.

I’m going to share with you some pro Instagram editing secrets to help you get the most out of your smartphone camera clicks! No need to upload your images and edit them on Photoshop anymore.

Instagram has the editing tools option right beside the filter option:

Get most out of Instagram by pressing "Edit"
Get most out of Instagram by pressing Edit.

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Neweer Photo Lens 3-in-One Review - Lens for mobile

Neewer’s Fisheye and Macro lens for Smartphone review


I just got my new Neweer Mobile Phone 3-in-one lens from Amazon. For a long time, I wanted to try lenses for smartphones to have more creative fun with my phone. They are relatively inexpensive on Amazon, mine totaled $11 CAD after shipping and taxes. The product also arrived within a week, which was nice.


Here’s a picture I took with the Neewer fisheye:

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DSLR VS Iphone

Smartphone cameras VS Entry level DSLRs

Are smartphones and DSLRs even comparable?

Can this smartphone be better than your DSLR?

Time to time, I get hit by the pro DSLR bug, and that really makes me ignore the potential of what’s already accessible to me. I have a smartphone with a 16 MP camera but can it compare to a DSLR?Smartphones, like I have said before, are being developed with phenomenal camera features. Majority of smart phones now offer more than eight megapixel CMOS sensor, which is amazing since the professional DSLRs from 9 years ago averaged to about 12 MP.

The line between DSLR and smartphones is continuously being blurred due to the ability to shoot RAW and change shutter speeds in some phones. Also, Instagram has contributed to a new breed of photographers, the iPhoneographers. iPhoneographers exclusively shoot with the smartphone, iPhone. This has led to the increase of mobile photography accessories like lenses and lighting systems.

Nikon D700 was a $3000 DSLR with only 12 MP in 2007.
Nikon D700 was a $3000 DSLR with only 12 MP in 2007.

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How to shoot DSLR quality photos with your phone

dslr quality pic

Nowadays, smartphones are being developed with phenomenal camera features. They are literally starting to compete with entry-level DSLRs. I’m going to show you some inexpensive ways to achieve pro DSLR quality with your phone or point and shoot camera.

Photography is all about light. If you have interesting light, you’re 90% there with a striking image. You don’t need a DSLR to take a great photo, a point and shoot or a cell phone can do the trick.

You can achieve DSLR quality in your pictures simply by having interesting light.

Here are my top 5 tips for interesting light in photos:

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New Beginning

Hi, I’ve changed the name of this blog to,

This was the name of my very first blog in 2007. I decided to use it again because it works well to coincide all my interests and to express and showcase my thoughts under one banner.

So, I’ve decided to unite my arts blog with my lifestyle blog under the Luxury of Thoughts label. Now this blog will feature articles ranging from photography DIY’s to current news. So be sure to check them out!

Here’s a link to my recent article: How to shoot DSLR quality photos with your phone!



5 Things You Need To Know About Weed In Canada

There’s a new needle in the bush, far more deadly than heroin and cocaine, and it’s affecting Canadian society greatly. Weed has become a drug that can easily kill you through the increased production of it being counterfeited.

fentanyl, weed
Weed is rapidly becoming the most dangerous drug in Canada.


With the rise of crime and public health safety, here are five things you need to know about weed in Canada:

  1. It’s most likely counterfeit. You are more than likely to be smoking a counterfeit weed that is toxic for your health right now. There’s a new trend by drug dealers across the country, which is making counterfeit weed by adding patches of fentanyl in random green stuff, like oregano, to maximize their profits. The scary thing is that it works! It gives off a good high but it’s highly addictive and has chances of deteriorating your health instantaneously.
  2. It has a mixture of other drugs in it. Opioid drugs like Vicodin, oxycodone, Oxycontin, Percocet, morphine, codeine and fentanyl are now in it. These drugs are highly dangerous because they cannot be detected, as they have no smell or taste. They provide a cheap high for the price of your life. Opioid use is currently the third leading cause of accidental death in Ontario. Here’s an article for more information: Drug Mix-up believed responsible of Abbotsford overdose.
fentanyl with weed
Fentanyl is an undetectable and highly addictive drug.

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'Told I Carson K' by TD

Top 5 games to cure your boredom and get those creative juices flowing

Curing boredom and challenging yourself creatively doesn’t come easy. What used to be fun becomes a mundane task, leaving you drained. I’ve got a quick fix for that, have fun, take it easy and play a little!
Here are my top 5 games to cure your boredom and get those creative juices flowing again.

Also, this list is not just for people who love being creative, it’s for everyone who loves to experiment, challenge themselves and try making new things! Not only are these the best games the internet has to offer, but they will embrace the artist in you and keep you entertained for hours!

This list is especially beneficial for students who have no access to gaming sites on school computers. If you are  a student whose school has blocked all gaming sites, leaving you bored in the computer lab, this might be an article for you too.

This is the list of creative games that I have compiled from when I was a teenager. A lot of these games are not viral anymore, but we can totally help change this!

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easy plump lips diy

How to get long lasting plump and rosy lips

Do you want a moisturizing lip plumper that is actually good for your lips and lasts long unlike other DIY lip plumpers out there?

It’s a known fact that to plump your lips naturally, you have to literally be abrasive and hurt them. In my opinion, this usually has short term success rate and long term problems, such as leading to infections and irritation in the lip area.

Long lasting lip plumper
This lip plumper is actually good for your lips!

Today I will share my technique on how to get plump lips instantly that not only retain moisture but they also last the whole day! Not too mention, it keeps the lips soft and sweet!  Read More »

5 Reasons Why You Should Begin Your Research with Wikipedia

I can spend hours on Wikipedia. It’s an amazing website that offers informative articles on everything I would ever want to learn.  I have become an “expert” in so many topics because of Wikipedia and its easy usability. It’s truly a great resource for people of all ages. It offers over 35 million articles in 288 different languages. You should really begin your research with Wikipedia.

It’s free and easily accessible, so why not?

Wikipedia - Reputable source
Wikipedia is a great legitimate source.

However, due to the collaborative nature of Wikipedia, many people think Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source as its articles can easily be edited by anyone.

It is true that the Wikipedia application allows anyone with internet access to edit an article, but what people don’t realize, is that it isn’t an easy process, and citations are needed for every single edit. There is also a mini discussion forum for every single page of Wikipedia, where even the slightest recent changes of an article are discussed intelligently and diligently.

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