easy plump lips diy

How to get long lasting plump and rosy lips

Do you want a moisturizing lip plumper that is actually good for your lips and lasts long unlike other DIY lip plumpers out there?

It’s a known fact that to plump your lips naturally, you have to literally be abrasive and hurt them. In my opinion, this usually has short term success rate and long term problems, such as leading to infections and irritation in the lip area.

Long lasting lip plumper
This lip plumper is actually good for your lips!

Today I will share my technique on how to get plump lips instantly that not only retain moisture but they also last the whole day! Not too mention, it keeps the lips soft and sweet!  

This is a quick DIY with natural ingredients that competes with expensive brands!

For this lip plumper you will need:

  •  Honey
  •  Aloe vera (optional)
  •  Glycerin
  •  Cinnamon sticks/or ground cinnamon
  •  Olive oil
  •  Witch hazel (alcohol free) or rose water (optional)
  •  Mini container
  •  Q-tips

Here are some of the brands I used:

Witch Hazel for lip plumper DIY recipe.Glycerin for lip plumper DIY recipe.Aloe Vera Gel
This is a foolproof recipe and I’m going to explain why you should add these ingredients to get the effect you want. There are no set measurements for this.

So WHY these ingredients?

To get plump lips you have to irritate them. For this we are using Cinnamon. I don’t recommend cinnamon oil at all as it can be very dangerous. I know a lot of lip plumper recipes include that instead of ground cinnamon. I have tried cinnamon oil in small quantity and my lips were swollen and it left me hurting for two days!

Lip plumper container
A makeup sample container is perfect to keep this lip plumper in!

Definitely use ground cinnamon instead. You can make freshly ground cinnamon simply by grating a cinnamon stick with a cheese grater. For this recipe, the more cinnamon you use the rosier and plumper your lips will be. I used half a tea spoon for mine. Remember less is more.

The next ingredient to add is some olive oil. Olive oil is very moisturizing. I’ve added a lot of moisturizing ingredients to ensure lips stay hydrated thus making this plumper long lasting.

Honey has many anti bacterial properties. It helps hydrate lips and also lightens up dark spots. Honey mixed with glycerin prevents chapped lips and maintains the softness. I’ve used a thick consistency honey, but you can totally use any kind you find.

Witch hazel and rose water is added to ensure lips are protected against the sun. Witch hazel contains antioxidant compounds that protect against sunburn and aging. It also helps mix the ingredients well in this recipe and make this lip plumper refreshing.

Glycerin is the main ingredient to make this lip plumper last all day!


  • Start with empty clean container.
  • Fill 1/4 of the container with some olive oil, witch hazel and cinnamon, all in equal parts. I did all half tea spoon according to my small container.
  • Mix it all well with a bottom of a fork, if you don’t have a tiny spoon.
  • Fill 2/4 of the container with equal parts of honey and aloe vera. I did one tea spoon each. Mix it all carefully so it doesn’t pour out.
  • Lastly, fill the last 1/4 of the container with glycerin. I topped it off with half a tea spoon. Mix again carefully and close the lid and shake it couple of times.
  • Dip a new Q-tip every time to use this to prevent bacteria forming!
  • Apply on top and bottom lips and do not wash this off.
  • You can apply your favourite lipstick on top of this after 15 mins.

Hope you enjoy this DIY, let me know any questions you might have!

lip plumper
Long lasting lip plumper that keeps lips rosy and moisturized.

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