'Told I Carson K' by TD

Top 5 games to cure your boredom and get those creative juices flowing

Curing boredom and challenging yourself creatively doesn’t come easy. What used to be fun becomes a mundane task, leaving you drained. I’ve got a quick fix for that, have fun, take it easy and play a little!
Here are my top 5 games to cure your boredom and get those creative juices flowing again.

Also, this list is not just for people who love being creative, it’s for everyone who loves to experiment, challenge themselves and try making new things! Not only are these the best games the internet has to offer, but they will embrace the artist in you and keep you entertained for hours!

This list is especially beneficial for students who have no access to gaming sites on school computers. If you are  a student whose school has blocked all gaming sites, leaving you bored in the computer lab, this might be an article for you too.

This is the list of creative games that I have compiled from when I was a teenager. A lot of these games are not viral anymore, but we can totally help change this!

Top 5 games that are fun, creative and addicting to get you out of boredom!

1. Flower Maker

Flower Maker by Zefrank.com
I can spend hours making flowers here. If you love to play with colours and patterns, give this a try.

This game is actually by Buzzfeed’s VP Zefrank. He made these games in the early 2000s, when he ran his personal blog zefrank.com.

If you love to play with colours, shapes and make patterns, you will find this game to be highly addictive. You will have a lot of fun making your own flower because there are so many options (such as various shapes, colours, opacity, size and petal quantity etc.,) to play with to create a unique piece of artwork.

If thats’ not enough for you, there is an option to design a garden with all your flowers too!

2. This is Sand

This is Sand seems overwhelming to many at first, because it’s a slow process. But in reality, filling up your whole browser screen slowly with sand becomes fun and strangely addictive quickly. There are many options to play with such as changing directions of the sand falling, a grand colour scheme to mess around with and making gradients.

Aside from making my own sand art, I love to look at the This is Sand‘s Gallery. It has some incredible sand art in there! Some of them are so photorealistic, it’s truly unbelievable that they used This is Sand to make it.

Look at these incredible ‘sand art’ creations by some of the artists at This is Sand.

Tutanchamun by Kolibri
Tutanchamun by Kolibri
'Yes, I misspelt Perfect' by Anthony J.
‘Yes, I misspelt Perfect’ by Anthony J.
'Told I Carson K' by TD
‘Told I Carson K’ by TD
'Stuart' by Ryder
‘Stuart’ by Ryder

3. Type Drawing by Hansol Huh

That complicated typography portrait simplified for you! This website is great to make amazing pictures just from words! You can type anything. Only thing to take notice for is that there is a character limit and that the whole interface is black and white only.

It's simple and easy.
It’s simple and easy.
Type Drawing by me
Type Drawing by me

Now there is also an app for this, so be sure to check it out on the app store.

4. Scribbler by Zefrank

This is another interactive toy by Zefrank. This one is my personal favourite because I love to use it for my art. You can do a simple sketch and watch it be transformed into a scribble full of details and character! All  from just a simple click of a button; it truly makes you feel like a professional drawer. I love how the animation of my drawing gets transformed through web scribbles. It’s always surprising and fun to experiment with!

Totally looks like I scribbled this with an 8B Pencil.
Totally looks like I scribbled this with an 8B Pencil.
Original Scribble
Original Scribble

5. Mr. Picasso Head

Mr. Picasso Head has a lot of options to create your perfect Picasso painting. It’s mainly for making your own Picasso character, but there are still a lot of abstract symbols in this game. You can mess them around with colours and different intensities to make anything you want abstract.


I hope you guys enjoyed these websites and cured your boredom! I would highly suggest to browse these sites in depth to find more fun games they offer!

These are just my top favourite (creative) games. If you have any games to recommend me, let me know! I’d love to add them here.


4 thoughts on “Top 5 games to cure your boredom and get those creative juices flowing

  1. Awesome article on these games really well put together list. Really wish there was a picture of Mr. Picasso Head at the end of it. (unless my browser didn’t load it) I just felt the build up to #5 needed it.


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