How your phone can make you into the greatest artist ever

You are now a few taps away from making your own art masterpiece. Whether you want it in illustration, comic, abstract or even in anime style, you can transform any photo from your phone into a brilliant piece of artwork. Prisma is an app by Prisma labs Inc. that lets you become the Van Gogh, DaVinci, and the Picasso all with a tap.

It’s like commissioning the greatest artists ever without spending any money or giving any time!

Image edited using the Prisma App.
Transform your photos into striking works of art.

Prisma has 29(and counting) filters to transform your image. Each filter is uniquely different and has a distinct technique that’s inspired by some of the most famous artists of the world. There are filters that replicate the styles of Japanese painters: Katsushika Hokusai, who created The Great Wave off Kanagawa and Hayao Miyazaki, the creator of Princess Mononoke and My Neighbour Totoro.


These are some of the most famous works of art in the world, and inspiration behind some of the filters on the Prisma App.
These are some of the most famous works of art in the world, and the inspiration behind some of the filters on the Prisma app.

Prisma also has a range of filters inspired by western oil paintings, mosaics, and abstract art. You can find filters directly inspired by Picasso and Roy Fox Lichtenstein, the creator of the original comic illustration style. If you like black and white images, there are some black and white filters in pencil and ink style too!


Some impressive filters on Prisma!
Some impressive filters on Prisma!


Prisma has a simple and modern interface, quite similar to the Instagram app.
Here is the breakdown of the features on Prisma:

  • 29 unique filters
  • A built-in camera that has selfie and rear-view mode
  • An option to remove or add the Prisma watermark
  • A cool watermark (lol)
  • Sharing option for Instagram and Facebook
  • An option to automatically save each photo edit
  • Adjustable opacity for each filter
As you swipe your fingertip on the picture, you can easily fine tune the results of each filter, giving you a unique and personalized end results.
As you swipe your fingertip on the picture, you can easily fine-tune the result of each filter, giving you a unique and personalized end result.


prisma app servers crashing and they are really slow
It’s so annoying when the servers crash on Prisma.


This app is very slow to use because the photos are being transformed through an online server rather than the app itself. The servers are very busy during the late night (eastern time zone) since most of their users live in Asia.

The most annoying part about this app is that you cannot use any other application while it’s recreating your image. If you leave the Prisma interface, you have to restart the whole process. It takes a good 40 seconds for each filter to upload, but after you have used a filter once, it’s preloaded there for that image and it doesn’t take time at all.

As mentioned earlier, Prisma uses the Internet to recreate the images. This could be an issue for people who don’t have access to unlimited WiFi since the higher the resolution of their photo, the more data it will require to transform it.

Another thing that’s annoying is that there’s no option to directly share the image from your phone’s gallery to Prisma. This is annoying because its photo gallery isn’t that easy to navigate.

There are also some glitches in Prisma, such as its watermark, which doesn’t show up for most of the filters.

Image editing using the Prisma app.

#Prismography Tips

  • Only a handful of the filters are good for portraits. This app is best for landscapes and still-life photos.
  • You could make portraits flawless using the filter Udnie, just reduce the opacity for natural results.
  • The filter Marcus D gives portraits a really dark and fun look. It adds colourful eyeshadow and dark lips to the face.



dolphin painting.gif
If you’re not as talented as this dolphin, this app’s perfect for you!

I love this app, it’s really really fun. It can transform boring pictures into amazing works of art. I love to play around with it for my selfies and landscape shots. It also “saves” my boring pictures and makes them amazing.

I would recommend this app to everyone who has access to unlimited Wifi and who is patient. This app can be really slow and use a lot of your data, so be careful.

  • What’s your favourite Prisma filter?
  • What type of images are your fave to edit on Prisma?
  • Do you know any photo editing apps like Prisma? Let me know, I’d love to try them.

I’ll be writing tips for pro editing on Prisma soon, so be sure to come again to check that out!

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