How your phone can make you into the greatest artist ever

You are now a few taps away from making your own art masterpiece. Whether you want it in illustration, comic, abstract or even in anime style, you can transform any photo from your phone into a brilliant piece of artwork. Prisma is an app by Prisma labs Inc. that lets you become the Van Gogh, DaVinci, and the Picasso all with a tap.

It’s like commissioning the greatest artists ever without spending any money or giving any time!

Image edited using the Prisma App.
Transform your photos into striking works of art.

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How to shoot DSLR quality photos with your phone

dslr quality pic

Nowadays, smartphones are being developed with phenomenal camera features. They are literally starting to compete with entry-level DSLRs. I’m going to show you some inexpensive ways to achieve pro DSLR quality with your phone or point and shoot camera.

Photography is all about light. If you have interesting light, you’re 90% there with a striking image. You don’t need a DSLR to take a great photo, a point and shoot or a cell phone can do the trick.

You can achieve DSLR quality in your pictures simply by having interesting light.

Here are my top 5 tips for interesting light in photos:

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'Told I Carson K' by TD

Top 5 games to cure your boredom and get those creative juices flowing

Curing boredom and challenging yourself creatively doesn’t come easy. What used to be fun becomes a mundane task, leaving you drained. I’ve got a quick fix for that, have fun, take it easy and play a little!
Here are my top 5 games to cure your boredom and get those creative juices flowing again.

Also, this list is not just for people who love being creative, it’s for everyone who loves to experiment, challenge themselves and try making new things! Not only are these the best games the internet has to offer, but they will embrace the artist in you and keep you entertained for hours!

This list is especially beneficial for students who have no access to gaming sites on school computers. If you are  a student whose school has blocked all gaming sites, leaving you bored in the computer lab, this might be an article for you too.

This is the list of creative games that I have compiled from when I was a teenager. A lot of these games are not viral anymore, but we can totally help change this!

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Predicament of Conceptual Photography

ATTN: This is article is from my 2008 archive 

When I was new to concept photography, the main problem I faced was: discouragement.  I would try to take on a subject/theme and try to outline what I would need to make it into a great photograph. But I would get discouraged easily and then take my mind elsewhere.

The whole process of creating an image in your mind, I found was easy. But, the fact that I would need to gather all those materials- some out of my reach (and limit) made it very discouraging. Because It meant that I am just thinking about something that I will perhaps never be able to accomplish.

Being open-minded and open to different possibilities of “things” as key subjects in photographs are what good conceptual photographers get over. That being said, it must be very hard for them to get that perfect object (ex. lamp) for their photo (and it has to be the perfect shade of colour that they imagined). These small details work to become stronger details in conceptual art. As you can see, I have great respect for Wes Anderson (lol).

It is definitely hard to imagine with limits but through training you can overcome it from my experience.

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