New Beginning

Hi, I’ve changed the name of this blog to,

This was the name of my very first blog in 2007. I decided to use it again because it works well to coincide all my interests and to express and showcase my thoughts under one banner.

So, I’ve decided to unite my arts blog with my lifestyle blog under the Luxury of Thoughts label. Now this blog will feature articles ranging from photography DIY’s to current news. So be sure to check them out!

Here’s a link to my recent article: How to shoot DSLR quality photos with your phone!


easy plump lips diy

How to get long lasting plump and rosy lips

Do you want a moisturizing lip plumper that is actually good for your lips and lasts long unlike other DIY lip plumpers out there?

It’s a known fact that to plump your lips naturally, you have to literally be abrasive and hurt them. In my opinion, this usually has short term success rate and long term problems, such as leading to infections and irritation in the lip area.

Long lasting lip plumper
This lip plumper is actually good for your lips!

Today I will share my technique on how to get plump lips instantly that not only retain moisture but they also last the whole day! Not too mention, it keeps the lips soft and sweet!  Read More »