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Top 5 games to cure your boredom and get those creative juices flowing

Curing boredom and challenging yourself creatively doesn’t come easy. What used to be fun becomes a mundane task, leaving you drained. I’ve got a quick fix for that, have fun, take it easy and play a little!
Here are my top 5 games to cure your boredom and get those creative juices flowing again.

Also, this list is not just for people who love being creative, it’s for everyone who loves to experiment, challenge themselves and try making new things! Not only are these the best games the internet has to offer, but they will embrace the artist in you and keep you entertained for hours!

This list is especially beneficial for students who have no access to gaming sites on school computers. If you are  a student whose school has blocked all gaming sites, leaving you bored in the computer lab, this might be an article for you too.

This is the list of creative games that I have compiled from when I was a teenager. A lot of these games are not viral anymore, but we can totally help change this!

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